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The Amusment Park(Review)(Romero Month#1)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

There is a fear of growing old. Couple that with the fear of depending on others for your needs as you grow older, but that help is nowhere to be found. Instead of kindness and compassion, you are met with callousness and ignorance Instead.

A lost but now restored George Romero film known as The Amusement Park is a stark look at the frightening plight of the elderly. We are mostly following an elderly man attending an amusement park of nightmares. Where this film succeeds with it's messages is the way it frames the life of the elderly in an amusement park setting. It is almost hard to watch at times.

I think the most unsettling bit to watch is when a young couple ask to see their future, and they are shown exactly that. You watch the couple react to the grim reality of how their life will become as they get older. My gods, it is just something to see.

This is a very short film, clocking in at only 53 minutes, but its message will stay with you for much longer than that. I will even go to say this is the most frightening film in the Romero catalog just with its visuals and what he is trying to say. The ending ends the same way it begins, with the loop beginning anew.

This is something that needs to be seen. It takes the subtext of Romero's sociopolitical commentary, and essentially makes it context. It offers a look into a world most are afraid to acknowledge or even embrace. There is the notion that by watching The Amusement Park, we will be compelled to show more compassion by helping the elderly who are in need. Which is a pretty important message indeed. It is currently streaming on Shudder if you wish to take a look.

Stay tuned next week for a look at another George Romero horror film to be showcased.

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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