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Tetsuo II : Body Hammer(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I recently acquired the Solid Metal Nightmares Boxset which contains a collection of films from Shinya Tsukamoto, and finally got to experience Tetsuo II: Body Hammer for the first time in full HD glory.

It was well worth the trip as this movie is more or less an expanded version of the first film. A salaryman has his son kidnapped by thugs, and it triggers a transformation of man and machine. His rage makes him into living weapon which his rival wants to use to his advantage. The rival which was only known as the metal fetishist in the first film is given the name of Tatsu in the sequel, and they end up having familial ties.

It is not as weird and as out there as the first film, but Body Hammer still has plenty of weird body horror with psychosexual cyberpunk themes. Unlike the first film, the metal fetishist Tatsu is not alone as he has a full army in this one which leads to an ending that does top the ending of the first film. Also, the amazing Chu Ishikawa returns to add his gritty industrial flavor to the soundtrack of the film.

If you enjoy Shinya Tsukamoto's work, especially in the Tetsuo series, and if you are able to track down Tetsuo II, then you should check it out. I can't explain why, but these films just have their way of capturing the dark part of the imagination, and I just can't get enough. There is a third film known as Tetsuo: Bullet Man, which I'm sure I'll be reviewing as well.

Till next time, stay scared!!! - Tha Thrilla -

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