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FRIED BARRY(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

I was so easy to dismiss FRIED BARRY, originally when I was looking through the description, I was thinking I will maybe eventually watch it, but was not in any rush to do that anytime soon. Then I was seeing reviews of how messed up this movie was, so I decided I would give it a shot. Firstly I will say I am glad I did so, secondly, there are no words to describe just how messed up this movie is.

The plot of the movie is a drug addict named Barry finds his body hijacked by an alien. We follow the adventures of the alien as they experience everything through his body such as dancing, sex, conceiving a child, the effects of drugs, and violence. It's pretty wild to say the least, and what really sells it is the facial expressions of the actor. This guy can contort his face so much that it looks like he should be an extra in an Aphex Twin video. Where this movie will also get you is the way it will have you going from laughing to crying as you emphasize with what the alien is going through. There are some pretty tender moments despite the craziness going on, especially towards the end. I will warn you there are also some wtf moments that will make you exclaim what the heck did I just witness?

If you are looking for a psychedelic sci fi movie that is different than anything you ever seen before, then you need to watch this movie. It is a Shudder Original, and I would say it is probably something that might become a cult classic for me. If you already seen FRIED BARRY, let us know what you thought of this insanely great film below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! - Tha Thrilla-

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