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Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider(Review)[Musical Monday]

It's very difficult to mention horror and metal in the same sentence without mentioning Alice Cooper. He is the father of shock rock, and has many themes of horror in his music. Dude is an absolute mastermind, and his stage shows are spectacles that deserve to be witnessed.

Today we are looking at one of my favorite albums of his called Along Came A Spider. It's pretty solid from start to finish, and shows that even in the modern rra, he is able to keep up with the best of them. A few notable tracks would be "Wake the Dead", "Killed By Love, "I'm Hungry" and "I Am The Spider".

So if you are a Cooper fan, a horror fan or a metal fan, then you definitely don't have any reason not to give this an album a listen. Well worth your time, and maybe a favorite of yours as well.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! - Tha Thrilla -

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